The boy from the academy spoke about Sevilla FC in the Europa League, as well as the important league victory last Sunday and Jorge Sampaoli
Cuerpo Superior

Bryan Gil starred on 'A Balón Parado' with Sevilla FC Television. Hours before heading off to Turkey, the attacker first offered up his thoughts on the victory against  UD Almería: "You feel happiness, and as if you have been freed from all of the pressure that we were put under for this match. We give our all in every match and it was clear to see the excitement the team had to play, and the fans were in fine voice." 

Furthermore, he admitted that he likes to assist as he much as he does to score, and that he always gives his best. He spoke about his return to Nervión: "Sevilla is the club that has given me everything. At the end of the day, you love this club and if you don't then you are not a part of it. It makes me and my family very proud that I play for Sevilla. I remember on my debut I was meant to be on holiday, and Paco Gallardo called me to tell me that I was joining up with the first team... I was very nervous, I didn't know what to do and it made me and my family very emotional, and my grandmother too, may she rest in peace."

On his experience of being able to play and share a changing room with players like Jesús Navas, he said that "I'm always trying to follow the standard that Jesús Navas sets. In the changing room I am close to Acuña, Óliver, Montiel and Lamela... I have tried mate and I don't hate it." 

He also spoke about the present, about not wanting to think about the end of the season and how he is focused on pleasing a coach who makes him feel confident: "I think about being here in the Summer and how I don't want the season to end... we have to much too think about before getting to the end of the season. I speak to Sampaoli and the truth is that I really like his philosophy on life and what he passes on to you."

And on the Thursday's clash against Fenerbahçe, he made it clear that it will not be easy, but that the team should feel confident given the first-leg result: "I have been told that the game will be tough. We have got to make the most of our advantage, although being 2-0 does not mean that we are through. The match on Thursday is crucial, they will put a lot of pressure on us and they will try to score early. We have got to go out trying to win and not just hide behind our lead."