Sevilla Atlético were unlucky to come away from the Estadio Ciudad de Lepe empty-handed, in what was an even game
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla Atlético fell to defeat at the Estadio Ciudad de Lepe against San Roque de Lepe. In a clash decided by an early goal from Sergio García who converted from the penalty spot, the youth team came away empty-handed from a game in which they deserved much more. Our youth team were unable to finish their chances, with opposition goalkeeper Robador having an excellent game, ensuring the visitors did not secure a second consecutive victory in the league. 

The game would start with an early penalty being awarded to the home side after Xavi Sintes took down one of their forwards in the box. After the referee awarded the penalty, Sergi García converted to put his team a goal ahead. After the goal, the youth team would try to dominate possession but the home side would make very few errors in defence. 

Musa was unable to score the equaliser following a good cross from Pablo Pérez

Isra Domínguez, with a deflected shot from the right side after a good bit of play from Capi marked the first near-miss which Antonio Hidalgo would witness during the game. Musa DRJ, had the opportunity on two occasions to score an equaliser after Pablo Pérez and Isra Domínguez found the striker inside the area with two crosses that did not fall for the striker from Cataluña. ​​​​​​​Deserving more than what the scoreline ultimately suggests, our team would head down the tunnel at half-time one-nil down

With the start of the second half, Isaac Romero was unable to score following a great piece of individual skill by Musa. The youth team, down on the scoreboard, were obliged to keep on testing the opponent's goal, with a powerful strike from Isra unable to find the back of the net. Antonio Hidalgo, introduced Diego Talaverón to bring some more energy up front, with this striker scoring in the victory against Yeclano Deportivo. 

Isra Domínguez and Talaverón had some big chances late on in the game 

In the second half, we would see Nacho make his debut for the side in central midfield, and Sevilla Atlético would keep on trying to make the scores level. In the final few minutes of the game, following a great bit of individual play, Talverón was in on goal but was only able to hit the woodwork. The final chance for the team fell to Isra Domínguez with a low strike which Robador managed to keep out with his feet, to secure the victory for the home side. 

Photo: San Roque de Lepe


SEVILLA ATLÉTICO: Matías, Valentino, X. Sintes (Alexandro, min. 84'), Hormigo, Pablo Pérez, Manu Bueno (Oso, min. 70'), Joao Daniel, Capi (Nacho, min. 70'), Isra, Musa DRJ (Talaverón, min. 53'), Isaac.

REFEREE: Samir Amad Ahmed. He booked Isaac, Santisteban and Pedro Inglés. 

GOALS: 1-0: Sergio García, minute 7.