The Sevilla central midfield player, having recovered from another injury, spoke to Sevilla FC Television about the situation the team finds itself in
Cuerpo Superior

Joan Jordán starred on 'A Balón Parado' for Sevilla FC Television. The Sevilla central midfield player address his own fitness after suffering an injury at the weekend: "On Sunday I had the chance to rest after catching the flu. In Eindhoven, I was alright. When it's a fever they give you medication to feel better, but on Saturday I got up and felt horrendous, and I just could not play. It was a pain to not be with my teammates, I saw how much they were hurt by the loss. It was an important game for us as we wanted to continue our winning run in Nervión. I think that not having a midweek game this week will be great for us as we can have a full week of training, and properly focus on what will be a great game this Saturday.

He continued to speak about what is to come: "At home we suffered. Many things happen in a match but when you lose at home it is horrible, the anger I feel lasts for a while after the game, although I have got better with this as I have got older. I think that we have to recognise how important it is to win, but at the same time we can't get hung up on it and ultimately, being frustrated is a good sign because it shows how much you care. I am a very passionate person that lives and breathes football, and whilst I try to block it out at certain times, I find it hard to do so. It has been a difficult season for us and I think that we will learn from this, the day after a loss you will feel hurt, but you can use this to your advantage. 

Against Atlético, given the situation we find ourselves in, we have got to keep winning and climbing up the table. We have to go there and compete like animals. I hope that we go with this mentality because it is an important games, both emotionally and so that we can improve our position in the table." 

"I am convinced that we can be competitive and create some special memories"

He also spoke about his experience of European football during the pandemic and about the spirit of the team: "We went through a difficult time during the pandemic, when we think about Cologne it was such a special moment and it makes me emotional thinking about it. I am like that, the way that the club is doing affects my mood a lot. Thinking about the success we have had in a tough period makes you put everything in perspective... we have to fight to get back to the good times. I am convinced that we can, in a difficult year where the players and the fans have suffered, because I have been here for three good seasons and sometimes you can have one which isn't as good. Without a doubt, Sevilla FC will get back to where it has been before. We need to accept what is going on now and the poor results we have had this season, work hard and get the club back to where it deserves to be...  A lot went on in 2022, I am going to learn a lot to be a better and stronger person".

Speaking directly about the Europa League tie with Fenerbahçe SK: "When it is time to play in the Europa League, the team always thinks 'we can do it'. This feeling that it is our competition was with us in Cologne. I don't know for certain whether we will win the trophy, but our attitude is to say 'it doesn't matter who we face, we are Sevilla and we are going to die for this shirt'. When we have this attitude we are ruthless... we have got to get a good result, keep on improving, and go to Istanbul convinced that we can get win there too."

He ended by talking about the coach, Jorge Sampaoli: "Since he has arrived, Samapoli wanted to raise our spirits and then put us to work. Then the World Cup came and we had to try to regain the feeling we had amongst the group before this competition. ​​​​​​​Bit by bit things have gotten better, but last few losses do spoil that. We have to come back stronger."