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In collaboration with FC Bengaluru United and Valvoline, its main allies in the Asian country, the series will tell several powerful stories of Indian sport based on the spirit of overcoming challenges that embodies the Sevilla FC motto
Cuerpo Superior

The 'Never Surrender' that sums up the Sevilla FC mentality transcends borders. So much so that it is no longer a simple motto that the club carries locally, but one that it tries to spread around the world, both on and off the field. The International Strategic Plan that the club is carrying out has India as one of its strong points. There, Sevilla FC is working with two top-level partners, FC Bengaluru United and Valvoline, with whom it is developing several projects. With the help of both, it is now launching the series 'Never Surrender' ('Nunca te rindas', in Spanish). Several documentary chapters that tell several powerful stories of Indian sport, all of them based on the spirit of overcoming challenges that embodies the Sevillista motto. The series will consist of five chapters, launches on Monday 8th May, and can be viewed on Sevilla FC's official YouTube channel. "We are a club with a great history of struggle, effort, overcoming and success, which never gives up in the face of adversity and always has the ambition to aim higher. It is a source of pride to see how in different parts of the world our way of being and facing challenges serves as an inspiration for people. Not only on a sporting level, but in any aspect of life", stated José Castro, Sevilla FC Club President.

The first episode tells the story of a football team made up of blind people in Kochi, in the region of Kerala, who have managed to overcome all the adversities they encounter in a country like India to finish 14th in the world. Another story features Hadiya, a self-taught girl from Kozhikode who managed to join the Indian 'freestyler' team, traditionally a 100% male sport. A special mention for the third episode, which features Vamshi Origanti, a Sevilla FC fan from Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) who is an active member of the Sevilla FC supporters' club in India and who fell in love with the history and spirit of the club from the most rural part of the country and watching its matches on television. The fourth episode takes us into the idiosyncrasies of FC Bengaluru United, a strategic partner of Sevilla FC, who share basic principles such as a commitment to technology, youth football and the ambition to be at the top of Indian football. "The spirit of Sevilla FC's 'Never Surrender' aligns with our principles of being ambitious, fighting and doing it together as a team. Our objectives are to transcend beyond the field of play, to contribute to our community in different areas," explains Gaurav Manchanda, CEO of FC Bengaluru United.

The last episode will focus on cricketer Dinesh Karthik, who is currently playing in the play-off season with his team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and tells the story of how he overcame various challenges to reach the sport's elite. Ipshita Chawdhury, Valvoline's Marketing Director in India, explains that "partnering with a cricket star like Dinesh Karthik helps us create effective and quality content to connect with our audience."