José María Cruz
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The eighth and ninth items of the AGM - the Statement of Non-Financial Information and the Distribution of Profit for the year ended - were also not approved
Cuerpo Superior

The general director of Sevilla FC, José María Cruz, was in charge of presenting items 6, 7, 8 and 9 on the agenda at the General Shareholders' Meeting for 2023. None of the items were passed, as 53.36% of shareholders voted against to 42.1% in favour. The Board of Directors voted 56.99% against and 41.24% in favour. The overall results ended with 52.93% voting against and 45.72% in favour.

Analysing the figures, Cruz confirmed the increase in turnover to €214.3 million per year, with a new record for revenues of €259.6 million. In comparison, the cost of the workforce went up to €193 million, with the rest of the expenses amounting to €83 million, resulting in a total loss of €17.2 million excluding taxes, and €21.9 million euros after tax. The general director emphasised that "compared to the previous year, even though we are still making a loss, it has fallen by €6 million from last year. Yet they are still losses, nonetheless."

Breaking down the numbers, he pointed to the income for the 21/22 season, which was €85.4 million from participation in national and international competitions, €15.7 million in season ticket revenue, €83.5 million from television broadcasts and €29.7 million in commercial revenue. All of this, said Cruz, "represents an increase on the previous year of almost €28 million more income than last year". Likewise, he shared details on net real estate, assets and equity, which are €12.9 and 12.3 million respectively, both of which are almost €20 million less than the previous year.

Closing his presentation, the general director of the club gave a detailed account of everything that is included in item 9 of this AGM, the Statement of Non-Financial Information, which was put to the vote, highlighting that "we are a leading club in water management" and how "the Sevilla FC Foundation continues to be the cornerstone of social responsibility". Cruz, in concluding thoughts, also pointed out that "in terms of Sustainability and Governance we are 10 points above the LaLiga average, four points in Social Matters and 11 points in Socio-Environmental Matters."

Earlier in the day, the second, third, fourth and fifth items -  concerning the financial year of 21/22 financial year - were put to the vote, having been rejected at the previous meeting. The same result was obtained for the second point, (53.17% against, 42.13% for), the third point (57.13% against, 42.05% for), the fourth point (53.34% against, 42.18% for) and the fifth (53.24% against, 44.74% for).