Pablo Sarabia appears on A Balón Parado
First team


The player emphasised that “we all trust the coach and the rotations, whoever gets played on the pitch, we know it will not detrimentally affect the team, it is safe".

Pablo Sarabia was the protagonist of SFC TV programme, A Balón Parado. The Madrid-born player spoke concerning the start of the season and the fact that the team lacks a definitive starting eleven: "I think that the rotations are beneficial for the team, it is important to rotate so that we can get to the last months with plenty of options to do well. All of the team find it difficult to consistently face the final stages of the season and to to arrive fresh and revitalised. If we are rotating, the exhaustion of the team is significantly reduced. The entire team trusts the coach, rotating the players is a way to ensure that the team remains happy and united, and each player is going to do whatever is possible to help, making it difficult for the coach to choose". 


            “I believe that the standard of the team is spectacular”


In this sense, he pointed out "the quality of the team because whoever is played by the coach, in any position, it is risk-free. During preseason, when we were signing new players all of the team were surprised because all the players we were signing were top players, and another arrived, and another, and the level didn't drop. I sincerely believe that the standard of the team is spectacular". 

"It is possible for us to play a starting eleven in one match and perform at a high level, and in the following match play a starting eleven that is completely different from the previous, but that performs at the same impressive level. I think that the rivalry in the performance of players is particularly important because there are very talented footballers because they compete and are not the elite minority. Here there is quality and a competitive spirit".

Sarabia is extremely ambitious and hopes to be able to improve his stats from the previous season- 11 goals and 3 assists-: "I am going to try and use these numbers as a benchmark, the stats are there to surpass. I am a person that challenges myself and I try to better myself every day. I have a strong character, I am competitive, and I consistently give it my all. My ambition is fundamental, the moment that I stop believing that I can grow, that I can improve, that I can score more goals, I will stop being a player because football is not only for enjoyment, but to challenge myself equally".

The player is not only demanding in his sporting career but in his personal life, too. He completed the INEF and is a graduate of Business School. At the moment, he is studying for a complementary course: "I like to set myself a new challenge every year, I couldn't not study or give myself new aims. I'm not doing it just to think about the future, I like what I study and being able to talk all about it. At the moment I'm studying a course about the coordination of businesses and events". 

Sarabia was on the end of a multitude of surprises from relatives, friends, ex-teammates who he played with at Getafe, even his little niece and his first trainer in Benjamines: "It's the stuff you miss when you leave home, not being able to see your niece grow up, stay and eat with your friends and parents. I have friends here too and I'm very happy".

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